Announcing the BIGGEST giveaway I’ve ever done for fans of Farsighted!


I’ve been teasing you all about a pretty huge giveaway for a while now. Luring you in with the promise of autographed copies of the entire Farsighted Series (which even includes getting added to a special mailing list to receive yet-to-be-released titles on their publication days). What’s more, anyone can win, and any number of people can win: 1, 5, 5,000!

Yeah, and that’s just the big prize. I have a bunch more to give away to dedicated Farsighted fans as my way of saying thank you.

I know what you’re thinking: “Enough with the exposition. Tell me what and how I can win already!” You’ve got it, boss.

Farsighted Bracelets (3)

Allow me to officially introduce you to the Farsighted Series Bracelet Giveaway. To make it easy, I’ve set-up a little FAQ section below.

What is it? The Farsighted Series Bracelet Giveaway is my biggest giveaway yet—indeed, it is the largest giveaway I’ve ever seen any author undertake, period. By performing tasks or winning mini-contests, you have the chance to win Farsighted Series themed bracelets (there are five in all. As you win each bracelet, you get an increasingly large prize shipped to you along with your new bracelet. When you collect all 5, you’ll get the BIG prize, which just so happens to be autographed copies of every book in the series, including those that are yet-to-be-released on their launch days.

Autographed BookmarkWhat can I win? I’m so glad you asked. Besides winning each of the 5 bracelets. You can also win an autographed bookmark, a Farsighted pen, a Farsighted Series notepad, an autographed Farsighted Series tote bag, and the BIG prize of every book in the series autographed and shipped to your doorstep.

How do I win? You can win by staying connected with me through my website, social media, and newsletter. Each bracelet is awarded in a different setting. Here’s a run-down…

*Get the Farsighted bracelet by joining the Evolved Publishing Street Team and submitting the code word, which you can find under the “photos” tab of the group.

*Get the Open Heart bracelet by winning a Facebook giveaway via the Street Team or my Facebook author page.

*Get the Pitch bracelet by winning a GoodReads event set-up via my GoodReads author page–make sure you’re a fan.

*Get the Vertigo bracelet by winning a Twitter event (follow me at @EmlynChand), which I could announce any number of ways, so make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter and that you follow me on my various social media sites!

*Get the Refrain bracelet by winning a giveaway on my blog.

Farsighted Pen


Do I have to win the bracelets in a certain order? Nope. You’ll get the prizes according to the number of bracelets in your possession, not according to the order of books in the series. So when you win the first bracelet, you also get the autographed bookmark. When you win the second one (for whichever book that may be), you’ll get the pen. Win the third, and you get the notepad. The fourth lands you a tote bag, and, of course, collecting all 5 bracelets wins you the BIG prize.

Farsighted NotepadHow can I claim prizes I’ve won? To claim a prize, visit You’ll see a big button to “claim your next bracelet.” Once you click that, it will take you to a form at the bottom of the page (underneath the FAQ) where you’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, mailing address, and how you won the bracelet. You will also receive an email confirmation as proof it went through. I mail out bracelets and other prizes once per week, so you won’t have to wait long.

How long will it last? From February 25, 2013 until FOREVER—okay, at least until the publication of book #5, Refrain, in May 2015.

Is this giveaway open internationally? Umm, heck yes. I refuse to geo-discriminate. I love all my readers no matter where they live, and everyone deserves a chance to participate.

Tote BagWill you still host other giveaways for us, Em? You’d better believe it! I’ll still offer my monthly swag giveaways on my website and will also offer periodic “just because” giveaways via my Facebook author page or the Evolved Publishing Street Team. Keep an eye out!

What if I’ve already won one of these prizes from a previous giveaway? It’s true, I like to host giveaways, so there is the chance that you might win a prize as part of our Bracelets giveaway that you’ve already won as part of another giveaway. If this happens, just fill-out the bracelet claim form at, and mention that you would like to claim a different prize in the box that asks you to explain how you won the bracelet—you’ll still need to explain how you won as well. I will email you back with other prize options, so that you have the chance to win something new and exciting.

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  1. Leah Barlow

    I tweeted and shared on facebook. It was nice meeting you and joining the Evolved Street Team. Your books look awesome. I hope to read them soon.

    • Thank you, Leah. It’s been awesome meeting you, too. I look forward to getting to know you better through the Street Team group! <3


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