Farsighted February Giveaway ~ Don’t Miss This Awesome Swag Pack!


I promised an awesome giveaway in the works, right? Well, here it is. Actually, this is only part one of three. And this giveaway all by itself is worth over $150! Pretty awesome, wouldn’t you say? Each of the items in the prize basket represents the Farsighted series in some totally cool way.

First, we have the custom Farsighted Series swag…

A Farsighted Series tote bag, autographed bookmark, and eReader skin (pictures coming soon).

Then, we have the specialty items…

bone runesA set of bone runes in velvet pouch – Miss Teak gifts Alex a set of runes to help him hone his gift of second sight. Each chapter in the book is also based off one of the 24 runes (25 if you count the blank rune).


cool guy glassesA pair of “cool guy” glasses, or more specifically, Timberland TB7093 Sport Style Mens Polarized Sunglasses (they come in a velvet pouch, too)! Alex’s mom buys him a new pair of sport sunglasses, remarking that they’re “cool guy glasses.” These glasses are super cool, and the lenses even have a green tint–Alex’s favorite color!


stickersFunny Monster Energy Drink stickers – When his runes just won’t do the trick, Alex turns to Monster Energy Drink to get his powers working harder, faster, stronger. Since the friends spend so much of their time studying for Advanced Chem, the addition of the lab stools are especially funny!



Oh, but you know what this giveaway doesn’t include?

Available Now

Farsighted, the book. Hopefully, you’ve already read and enjoyed it–that’s why you’re here, right? If you haven’t given it a shot yet, pick up your eBook copy for just $2.99. It’s available in paperback and hardcover, too!

So go get Farsighted on Amazon USAmazon UKBarnes&NobleKoboSmashwords, or iTunes.


The time has come. What are you waiting for?

Enter the Rafflecopter contest right now. You have all month to work your way through the various options and share with your friends. I’ll announce the winner on March 1 and unveil my epic Open Heart swag pack giveaway.

Don’t forget to check back around mid-month for the unveiling of an even bigger giveaway. The grand prize for that one is autographed copies of the entire Farsighted Series, and it includes adding you to a VIP mailing list so that you get your autographed copies of upcoming titles on release day! I know, I thought it was pretty cool, too 😉

Okay, enter my giveaway now, yo.

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  1. Wow!!! As your Super Fan, (well Heather is too) I so want to win this. Can not wait to read Pitch. You are the best Emlyn :)

  2. helen

    I would like to win this giveaway because I really want to read the book farsighted because I think that’s a cool book and it worth it to be read it.

  3. Natalie Cleary

    I would love to win this because I read and loved Farsighted and would adore the swag :)

  4. Josette Schaber

    Love the giveaway. Thanks. The series is on my TBR. I hope to be able to read it soon.

  5. heather c. cox

    Wow!!! As your Super Fan, (well Rebecca is too)…oh wait…..that’s kinda lazy of me to copy/paste and only replace my name and add Rebecca’s huh? lol do i really need to give you a reason that i would love to win this!? let me telepathically tell you why: ______

    did ya get that? yep..see…we can read minds!

    <3 u!

  6. Raluca P.

    I actually want to win a prize for a friend who loves this book.
    Hopefully, I will also read the book in the near future. :)

  7. This is exciting! I love this book.

  8. Susan C.

    My son would really love these cool shades and other swag!

  9. I’d love to win because that’s a lot of cool swag! But I especially like the bone runes. Super Cool!

  10. I’d love to win this giveaway to be able to add this book to my classroom library!

  11. Thanks for the chance of winning! :)

  12. peg

    love this contest!! So cool!

  13. Lynn Worton

    I would love to win this as it is a fantastic giveaway, and the prizes are so cool! :)

  14. That package looks fantastic. More than enough stuff to share with all my kids.

  15. The books look awesome! I’ve followed you for a while on Facebook, and I like the way the series developed. :)

    Love the rune set!

  16. Want to win for my husband.

  17. This is definitely a “cool guy” giveaway, Emlyn! I was thinking that the sunglasses would suit my son (almost 20) to a T! The tote for me – awesome lunchbag for work! The e-reader skin? So mine! I’m the only one who has one so far!

  18. I would love to win because I am such a big Farsighted fan. Who isn’t though? Still I’d not only treasure the swag I’d be sure to show it off and tell everyone what an awesome series the Farsighted books are.

  19. Rita Coleman

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  20. Anonymous

    Commented! Took me too long to find the giveaway! I’m excited! You know I love Farsighted sooooooo much!

  21. Lydia

    As Alex’s one true love it’s only fitting that I win this awesome giveaway right?! Heh heh?! This is really cool and just proves the fact even more that you are awesome to you fans and we love you right back!

  22. Zeynep

    I read the first book and love it!
    I, like, read it 3 times in a week xD

  23. I would love to win to be able to give those sunglasses to my husband. His were stolen with his IPAD, IPhone, keys passport etc and is lost without them. :(

  24. The series sounds really amazing and it would be cool to own those glasses and everything else.


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