Guess who’s back? Back again. Emlyn’s back! Tell a friend…

Jeez, how long has it been since I last blogged with any regularity? I guess I could go back through my archives to find the answer, but I have a feeling I don’t really want to know… Anyway, I am, indeed, back. YAY!

I’ve had plenty of good reasons for my practical disappearance from the interwebz this past year. Let’s see, here’s what you may have missed:

Got pregnant.

Around week 8 of said pregnancy, got pretty sick.

All those extra hormones gave me pregnancy-induced Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Ability to work severely hindered by difficult pregnancy.

Got my dream bird, a baby African Grey named Cloud.

OCD became more manageable, thanks to caring for and loving on my sweet baby bird.

Fell into a financial sink hole because of reduced work ability and high medical bills.

Husband and I lost two grandparents :-(

Decided to re-enter the 9-5 work life and started applying for jobs (don’t worry Novel Publicity isn’t going anywhere!)

Found out that my pregnancy had gone from somewhat complicated to extremely high risk.

Delivered 11 lb 6.4 oz baby girl Phoenix via Cesarean.

Constantly surrounded by loving and supportive family for a month straight–it was awesome and exhausting all at the same time.

Struggled to breastfeed for 4 weeks before finally learning that my body couldn’t produce an adequate supply (likely due to having two few hormones–a reverse of my problem during pregnancy). 

Got rid of the OCD and managed to avoid post-partum depression–YAY!

Found out that the preeclampsia I had developed during pregnancy had decided to stick around, and became hypertensive.

Lost 38 of the 53 lbs I gained during pregnancy.

Enjoyed the wonderful, adorable, life-altering, exhausting duties of being a new mom.

Learned that the baby African Grey who helped me through my pregnancy was born with a fatal illness and wouldn’t be with us much longer.

Interviewed with a super awesome company for a super awesome position (4 interviews so far)–am still waiting to hear whether I landed the job.

Started to really miss writing and hobnobbing with my Internet buddies.

keep-calm-i-am-backAre you still with me? Pfhhew that was a lot. I’m exhausted just looking at this list. Of course, I’ve covered a lot of major life events without really going into detail, but, rest assured, I do plan on blogging about some of these things in the coming weeks. While some of these things are quite personal, I believe it’s important to be honest in orderto spread awareness. Even though surrounded by supportive family and friends, I felt so alone with regards to many of my pregnancy experiences–and I’d like to try to help others avoid that same emotional isolation, if I can.

This marks the start. Today is day 1 of my writing rehabilitation. I figure if I can produce one blog post per day for the rest of 2013, then getting back to writing Pitch (Farsighted #3) as part of my New Year’s resolution should be no biggie, right? God, I hope I’m right.

Still here? Thank you for picking up with me where I left off and forgiving my super-extended absence–it really means a lot to this out-of-practice blogger! So if you want to know more about any of the life events I listed above, just leave a comment below. We can discuss right here in the comments section, and then I’ll know exactly what to write for tomorrow’s post.

Signing off,

Emlyn :-)

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  1. Pav

    Great to see you blogging again :)

    • It’s good to BE blogging again. Smooches to my Pavalicious!

  2. Hooray for blogging again! Hooray for beautiful baby Phoenix! I am so sorry to hear about baby Cloud. :(

    • Thank you on both counts, Tiffany. I love how well we’ve been getting to know each other this past week. Thank you for visiting me on my blog :-)

  3. Mary Duke

    Glad to have you back!

    • It’s so good to be back, Mary. Thank you for the warm welcome!

  4. MB

    Blogging is baby steps so yay! Sometimes life gets in the way. All you’ve got to do is remember to keep moving forward, which you’re very obviously doing. Just don’t push yourself before you’re ready. Folks have waited this long, they can wait a little longer. You won’t be forgotten :)

    • Wise words, MB. Thank you for not forgetting me. I feel as if I’ve been too caught up in my own world this year and such a bad friend. I hope to change that now that I’ve got forward momentum again <3

  5. Missed you so much and so glad to see you back. You are one courageous and loving woman. You will only be stronger, and the courage to write about these things really does heal. Proud to call you my friend. <3

    • I’m so glad we’re friends too, Becca. I can learn a lot from you about how you keep going no matter what. Congrats on the release of your first book today!

  6. Ya, she is back! WE MISSED YOU!!

    • Hiyaaaaaah! Back on the scene like a Boss :-)

  7. Write on!!!!! :)

    • Thanks, Milda. We new mommies need to keep each other on track!

  8. Mary Metcalfe

    Hi Em! Glad you’re back. Love to hear about Phi and sad about Cloud. Life gives and takes but not necessarily in ways we like. I’m sure blogging will be good therapy for you in the days ahead. Hugs!

    • You are absolutely right, Mary. Thank you for coming by and for always offering such kind words <3


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