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Writer and book publicist. Emlyn Chand loves to hear and tell stories and emerged from the womb with a fountain pen grasped firmly in her left hand (true story)

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Private Investigators, Zombies, and Romance: An Interview with Author Frederick Lee Brooke

Today, it is my pleasure to welcome Mr. Frederick Lee Brooke to the blog. He writes a female sleuth series about one firecracker, Ms. Annie Ogden. The third book in series, Collateral Damage, is currently on tour with lots of prizes (that info is included at the very end of this post). And I had the pleasure of reading the second in series, Zombie Candy, last year for another tour, and loved it!

Books, Geekiness & 42: Interview/Giveaway with Fantasy Author, Ken Floro, III

Come and join me today as I chat with Ken Floro, III--author, father, dreamer, lover (?), and a paragon of geek culture. Seriously, he is uber cool and informed when it comes to almost every aspect of nerdiness (and I say this with the utmost respect). Don't believe me? Then read on for a fun, quirky interview rife with references to this and that and everything in between. You may

Bird Brain Bookaganza: 5 Free eBooks + a Ginormo Giveaway

Hello, all you lovely bird-loving people! As you know, the Bird Brain Book series is growing—and fast! With the launch of Izzy the Inventor, we now have 7 in all with more on the way. WOWZA! Given that there are so many of these so cute books, I think it's high time I found more readers, don't you?

What better way to get people excited than to offer

My 20-Step Foolproof Writing “Process:” You Can Do It Too!

So apparently people are intrigued by my writing process. Let's put that in quotation marks, shall we? "Process." There, that's better.

I've received numerous remarks over the past two years that I'm crazy efficient or write faster than people can think. First of all, thank you! Second, so NOT true. In an effort to decode the mystery, I've decided to write a completely--and perhaps embarrassingly--honest post about my "process."

Review & Giveaway for Mother’s Curse by Thaddeus Nowak

Mother’s Curse is a fantasy novel for reluctant readers of the genre–like me. Usually when reading a fantasy book, I get mired in the world, race, and language-building details and give up before the story even gets started. While Thaddeus Nowak has created a rich world with his Heirs of Cothel series, he never sacrifices character or plot to tedious descriptive narration. I was hooked!

Our hero Stephenie is a strong,

Izzy the Inventor: Release Day & Ducky’s Review

Today's a huge day. My 7th Bird Brain Book is officially here, and it launches my new prehistoric bird trilogy. You heard me right--my love of birds meets everyone's love of dinosaurs for three fun, new kids' books! Izzy the Inventor is about an archaeopteryx (the very first bird) trying to learn how to fly and accidentally making some very cool discoveries along the way. 

To celebrate this momentous occasion,

Finding Favor: A New Take on Jane Austen + Why Ms. Austen Rocks

Today, I've got a whole mess of awesomeness for you with a book review (and recommendation), a giveaway, and a guest post... So read on!


True, it's been awhile since I've indulged, but many of you know I'm a huge fan of the classics. Among my favorites are Les Miserables, Ulysses, Jane Eyre, and Love in the Time of Cholera. I also have a

Bird Brain Book March Giveaway ~ Honey the Hero Autographed Hardcover & Plush Toy

Ready for an amazingly awesome giveaway for the kiddies? Wouldn't it be fun to read a story book while cuddling with your very own stuffed animal version of a character from that story? I think so! That's why this month I'm giving away an autographed hardcover copy of Honey the Hero along with an adorable plush koala bear.

Read on for more details...  

About Honey the


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