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“Shatter Point had me on the edge of my seat until the very end”: A Guest Review

This is a guest review by my good friend, Tracy. YAY! 

"I'm a killer. No better than a common murderer, and worse, really. More like a serial killer who can't help himself as he takes life after life, unable to stop even if he wished he could."

Right from the first few sentences, Shatter Point held my interest, with an opening like that how

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About the book: Maggie met Cooper at a young age, but even then she sensed something was wrong with him. His charm, good looks, and wealth could not hide the danger that burned in his sapphire eyes. Some nightmares don’t go away. He’d been haunting her from a distance for as long as she could remember. Now things have changed. When her sons Jack and Tom discover she’s been taken,

Hey, Writers. Have You Found Religion (in Your Writing)?

A Guest Post & Cover Reveal by Melissa McPhail

Every author should understand world-building. Whether engaged in the writing of genre or literary fiction, an author crafts a unique world with each novel. Even when set in the present day, the novel’s events layer a new dimension upon our visible reality. It’s the dimension of those characters, of that story, but it should feel as real to the

Full of Excitement, but Difficult to Put into Spoiler-less Words: A Guest Review of EXODUS 2022

Today, I'm delighted to feature a guest book review by my good friend, Tracy. This is one we read together, and I will be sharing my review shortly on my other blog, Needless to say, I also loved it! So read on for Tracy's review and a special tour giveaway--enjoy!

Tracy's Review:  Wow. I want more!! I would love to see what happens

Underdog Characters You Can’t Help but Root for: A Guest Review of Atheist’s Prayer

Today, I'm delighted to feature a guest reviewer on my blog! My good friend Tracy loves to read and review books, but just doesn't care for all the work that goes into updating and maintaining a blog of her own. I, for one, am delighted to have her and her awesome review (and giveaway) for The Atheist's Prayer by Amy R. Biddle. So read on, my friends, read on!

Finding Favor: A New Take on Jane Austen + Why Ms. Austen Rocks

Today, I've got a whole mess of awesomeness for you with a book review (and recommendation), a giveaway, and a guest post... So read on!


True, it's been awhile since I've indulged, but many of you know I'm a huge fan of the classics. Among my favorites are Les Miserables, Ulysses, Jane Eyre, and Love in the Time of Cholera. I also have a

Learning to Believe in Happily-Ever-Afters: A Guest Post by… Me?

As many of you know by now, I've fractured myself to create a-whole-nother writerly identity (I think it happened through mitosis or something). Well, today marks the official birth of my romance-writing alter-alias, Darby Davenport, with the launch of her (read: my) first romance novella, Walk Away with Me.

To celebrate, I have two awesome giveaways running on Darby's blog (

There are 4 kinds of zombies apocalypse survivors. Which one are you? Guest Post and Giveaway with Angela Scott

Today I'm delighted to welcome my Evolved Publishing sister-in-arms, Angela Scott, to the blog. This week, EP has a crazy awesome pre-holiday blog hop going on with 20 autographed books up for grabs!  As part of this event, Angela stopped by to help us prepare for the zombie apocalypse, and--gee golly, gee wiz--if that ain't just the nicest thing to do! So read on, prepare for the uprising, and enter to

Finding the courage to tell my story: Guest post and giveaway with Megan Morrison

Today I'm delighted to welcome my Evolved Publishing sister-in-arms, Megan Morrison, to the blog. This week, EP has a crazy awesome pre-holiday blog hop going on with 20 autographed books up for grabs!  As part of this event, Megan stopped by to tell us about why she chose to write her memoir and how that's proven to be a fantastic decision. Read on from some life lessons from And Then It


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