Emlyn on the Radio


Emlyn talks withMichelle and Jamie at IndieReview: Behind the Scenes about her books, guilty pleasures, and advice for newbie writers. 1/14/2013


ArtistFirst Radio Network

Emlyn talks with Ashley Fontainne of ArtistFirst Radio Network about dogs, love, writing, marketing and The Bachelor. 01/06/2013


Emlyn talks to Patti at KWOD Radio about Farsighted and her upcoming novels Fall Back and Open Heart. They also goof around quite a bit! 1/26/2012


Emlyn talks to Irene at InsideScoop and 13-year-old Chandler about bullying, being different, and the importance of pursuing dreams. 11/17/2011


Emlyn talks to Coral at the Alchemy of Scrawl–about Farsighted, about book blogging, and about being a “cool dork.” 11/29/2011


Emlyn talks to BK Walker at BK Radio Entertainment. Since she’s really tired, her filter is kind of off 😉 02/13/2012


Emlyn talks to Jesse at Edin Road Radio and reads one of the most exciting scenes from Farsighted aloud to readers. 11/22/2011


Emlyn talks to Nanci at Page Readers radio on the day of Farsighted’s eBook release. She’s nervous, excited, and simply brimming with enthusiasm. 10/24/2011


The Book Platform

Emlyn talks with John Rakestraw of The Book Platform about writing, publishing, and marketing and also gives advice to her younger self. 11/27/2011


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